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Passenger Ships

We are composed of professionals who are well respected and highly regarded in the overseas employment industry.

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Container Ships

Anam Marine Service provides customers around the world with ocean shipping and container transportation service.

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Tanker Ships

We specialize in agency services and commercial management of vessels transporting both crude and clean oil products.

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Leading the field in Marine service

Anam marine is a proven leader in marine service for both the Commercial and Defence sectors,specialising in Offshore Rig Service, Passenger Ships Service, Container Ships, Tanker Ships service, Bulk container vessel service, General cargo vessel.Our aim is to provide best and cost effective services to the shipping companies, ship owners, and ship managers all over the world.

The aforementioned service and products are currently provided to a range of satisfied customers in Australia, Oceania and the Asian region.Anam Marine Service is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. Certi. No. MSYS/0525/15 Alliance Marine Services (AMS), offers complete operations and management services for Oil Majors, Offshore Operators, and Ship Owners around the world.

Anam Marine Catering Service Provide Hospility, Catering Service & Provider of Packed Food & Beverages